"When I was a child and adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I never said

I wanted to be the president or a celebrity on TV or to be like my mother

or my father. I did not wish to be wealthy or like the family that lived down the street.


When I was little boy and dreamed of what I might be when I grew up, I imagined that I would have wings

or iridescent fish-scales, the tail of a merman... or at least, a beak.

 I dreamed my skin would change color and form patterns like the animals I  saw in picture books.

 The pre-teen me wished to be invisible at times, and the late teen me I wanted to be a dragon so I could breathe fire effortlessly and then escape by flying away into the clouds - to some place other than here.

In my early twenties while my friends were earning degrees in art and business management, I explored worlds unseen and communed with elves that lived in trees and a myriad of fantastic beasts that I conjured from the shadows of my dreams.

In my late twenties while acquaintances of mine got married and went back to grad school for PHD's, I ventured deeper into the dark recesses of me and explored the nightlife of New York City where my childhood dreams of fantasy collided with reality.

 I emerged  into the dawn of my thirties with a few scars from the night, but with my little light still shining. At the end of a dark tunnel I had traveled through, beautiful creatures with wings sang to me.

I have survived much self-doubt, and many obstacles the world attempts to teach artists are a reality. I now live true to myself, armed with a paint brush and a belief that shape-shifters do exist here in this world, because I MAKE them.

 In my mid-thirties I embraced my abilities to change the weather around me by simply changing my mind, by focusing on the flow of my art and by continuing to live an "artist life" in a country that is in dire need of true working artists.

Now, this late thirties me thinks I am well on my way to becoming exactly what that little child me wanted to be and I feel so blessed that I am an artist."

-Derrick Little August 03, 2012