Derrick created the "Shield Your Heart" postcard project with photographer Liz Ligouri in October 2010 when his dear friend and fellow face and body painter, Deva Prem, was in treatment for her breast cancer. This project became a method for Derrick to cope with Deva's death from Breast Cancer on March 22, 2011. For the campaign, Derrick painted 12 traditional symbols of strength on 6 male chests and 6 women’s breasts as metaphoric “shields” over their hearts.  The resulting images are sold for a $20.00 donation (at a package of 12 beautiful postcards.  ALL proceeds from every set of postcards sold goes directly to You Can Thrive, a center based in NYC that provides access to alternative treatments for individuals with breast cancer as well as breast cancer survivors. To Donate NOW, just click the DONATE button below:

Below is a gallery of Derrick’s BODY ART POSTCARDS: